Combining practical training to e-learning?
This is how you bring professional practice into the home-lab.

We have learned; theoretical teaching somehow works online, but what about the necessary professional practice? For example. how can you teach diagnostic techniques and skills over the internet? In the crisis, mobile, connected home labs show what is already possible today. Just start now!

The increasing importance of digitization and its impact in our everyday life is already known. But let's admit that nobody anticipated Covid-19. Suddenly teachers, trainers and even apprentices had to invent the digital home training place, at best with sophisticated Learning Management Systems (LMS) and video chats. Often only with tasks via e-mail.
LabSoft in the Cloud

This video will show how for the first time, LabSoft courses are available online, allowing students to work from home, or spread out and practice social distancing. Together with our partnership with VOCANTO, we have been able to achieve something that customers from around the world have been asking for since the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year.

Click here to see the video "LabSoft goes cloud"

Distance Learning with Lucas-Nülle

In this video, we are showing our approach to remotely control Lucas-Nülle hardware, allowing students to undertake experiments from where ever they may be. This is applicable to the larger systems that cannot be transported such as smart grid and electrical machines. Simply by having someone present with the hardware, any number of students can look in and even take control of the hardware without the need for special software.
Video: Distance Learning with Lucas-Nülle
Video: How to setup a session with ZOOM
pdf file: LN instruction to setup distance learning session
pdf file: FAQ distance learning
Mobilise practical training
with the UniTrain!

All these methods have proven difficult because of the lack of practical application.That doesn`t have to be the case: Lucas-Nülle has had a solution in its portfolio for many years for providing specialist practice outside the central learning locations.

Our UniTrain systems with their numerous courses can be made available in one case for easy transport. This system has been in use in many training workshops for a long time. With just a few simple steps, the device can be installed not only there but also in the home lab. Use the case and simply give the hardware to your trainees to take home.

The trainee experiments with UniTrain on real hardware and with internal measuring devices.The system records the actions of the trainee and is able to evaluate them. After the practical training course in the home lab, the learning success is monitored by the guided fault finding. Supported by e-learning courses, the trainee can apply his special knowledge and prove that he has acquired genuine methodological and competencies.

The digitally networked system from Lucas-Nülle support local practical training and also distance learning. UniTrain is a mobile system which combines e-learning content and hardware. Lucas-Nülle also enables trainees, teachers and trainers to network via the Internet.

More about UniTrain

                                                    We make it simple. Digitally!
Join the digital teaching now!

It is now up to us to develop sustainable methods for digital teaching. We would be happy to help you develop the digital structures for mobile professional practice lessons in the home office.

We are here for you!

We don´t want the digitalisation of vocational education and training to come to a standstill in this important situation. You can therefore continue to contact us as usual by telephone and e-mail. Your Lucas-Nülle team is fully operational.

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