Discontinuation of the Flash Player by Adobe - Questions and answers

Since 31 December 2020, the company Adobe has discontinued the distribution and support of the Flash Player. Since that time Adobe no longer offers downloads and security updates for this software. Since 12 January 2021, Adobe is also actively blocking the execution of the Flash Player in existing systems. Further information can be found on the Adobe website:

What does the discontinuation of the Flash Player mean for the use of the current LabSoft courses from Lucas-Nuelle (LN)?

Lucas-Nuelle reacted early to the discontinuation of Flash technology and has been using modern alternatives such as html5 for animations since 2016. The discontinuation therefore has no effect on current LabSoft courses. Older courses, on the other hand, may experience errors.
What happens if Flash is still used in my LabSoft courses?
When using older devices and LabSoft courses that still contain Flash animations, it will no longer be possible to display Flash content from 12.01.2021 onwards. This means that animations will no longer be shown. Instead of the content, a Flash logo and an info symbol will be displayed which refers to general information from Adobe on the product settings of the Flash Player.
What can I do if I am still using older courses that contain Flash animations?
LN strives to ensure that its products can be used for many years. For this reason, attention is also paid in new and further development to extensive compatibility of devices and systems. Many of the current LN courses can also be used with the previous models of the training systems. Therefore, in many cases we can suggest a course from the current programme. Please note that in these cases the illustrations in the courses show the current hardware. This means that there may be deviations in laboratory set-ups and in the illustrations of the circuits.
How can I find out whether my course is installed in the current version?
Use the update function on our website (lucas-nuelle.com) to check whether your version is up to date and install the current version if necessary. The exact explanation of how to execute the update can be found in the pdf file "Readme - How to update LabSoft.pdf"

If you do not have access to our website or the update programme, contact us directly quoting the course number and version (located on the title page of each course).
I am still using the previous version of UniTrain. Can I still use the current Flash-free courses?
Many of the new UniTrain courses can be used directly with the previous model of UniTrain. Please note that in these cases the presentations in the courses show the current hardware. This can lead to deviations in laboratory set-ups and in the representation of the circuits.
What can I do if no current course without Flash can be made available for my training system?
One of our central promises is that our content will be long-term compatible with new and further developments. Therefore, we maintain our support as long as possible, sometimes for decades. However, external influences sometimes mean that we can no longer keep this promise with reasonable effort. This also applies to some old LabSoft courses with flash-based content. Unfortunately, we have to discontinue support for these courses. We would be happy to introduce you to the alternative from our current product range and talk to you about the advantages of our new UniTrain system.
Is ist possible to still display Flash animations after 12.01.2021?
Yes, there is a possibility. The blocking of the Flash Player depends on the system time of the computer. However, with the help of a small additional programme (RunAsDate), a different time can be specified for LabSoft. With this additional programme, a date "before 12.01.2021" can be transmitted for LabSoft, so that Flash animations are displayed again in LabSoft, provided that a Flash player is still installed on the computer. The RunAsDate programme and further information can be found in the download area of our website. We expressly point out that further use of the Flash Player via this route is at your own risk.

Do you still have questions or need support with the installation? Please contact sales@lucas-nuelle.com